Purple R.E.I.G.N. Social Services is a 501(c)(3) non-profit advocacy agency specializing in programs and services to inform, educate, and empower victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

With a specific concentration on violence and the collateral damage of abuse, Purple R.E.I.G.N. provides a comprehensive range of services that include: preventative strategies, crisis intervention counseling, advocacy, educational workshops, training classes, family interventions, safety planning, resources/transitional services, referrals, restraining orders, assessments, and much more.

The mission of the organization is to educate communities on the severity and dynamics of violence, while simultaneously empowering victims/survivors and eradicating the vicious cycles of abuse.

As a grassroots network of survivors, activists, advocates, and OVERCOMERS, our vision is to be a premier domestic violence and sexual assault agency which creates replicable models of diversity that broadens current practices, inspires a community-wide culture of non-violence, and is inclusive of: education, literacy, intervention and prevention strategies.

Purple R.E.I.G.N. is also committed to providing services beyond those already involved in abusive relationships. We have an increased focus on primary prevention of family violence and dating abuse. We initiate and / or participate in state and countywide collaborations that advance that intent, to include programs such as:

D.A.T.E.-Dating Abuse Teen Education©

A program which has been developed specifically to work with children and youth to implement educational programs on healthy relationships, advocate for social change, create violence prevention activities and awareness campaigns, engage in anti-bullying behavior, etc.


A specialized component that allows us to work with male victims and Male Allies. Participants EVOLVE beyond the misconceptions of abuse, while raising a high level of understanding domestic and sexual violence, and eradicating the vicious cycles. Other subjects include: conflict resolution, effective communication techniques, healthy vs. abusive relationships, etc.

L.A.B.E.L.S.: I “DEFINE” ME! ©

Love, Acceptance, Belief, Education, Leadership, Success “defines” our Education, Intervention, and Prevention Program for girls age 10-18. The devastation of violence, trauma, sexual, and physical abuse often leaves individuals scarred for life, creating negative and destructive patterns. Girls discover their own identity, healing, and ways to “Turn Tragedy to Triumph”.

Life After Abuse, Love After Domestic Violence©

Empowerment Services designed to provide tools for victims/survivors to become OVERCOMERS! Support groups, advocacy, counseling, safety planning, referrals, anger management, and much more.

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